Cedarwood Village


Cedarwood Board Contact

If you need to contact the board for any reason, the email address is cedarwoodV@yahoo.com


Cedarwood Retains Lawyer

Cedarwood Village has retained the services of a local lawyer. The firm's information is as follows:

Leonard Mankin
2535 Landmark Dr. Suite 102
Clearwater, 33761


Cedarwood Village Documents
Convenants and Restrictions


Cedarwood HOA Meeting Minutes
No meeting minutes supplied at this time.


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HOA Meeting Schedule

Village HOA Meeting Schedule

  • No meetings scheduled at this time.

All village residents are encouraged to attend.

Village HOA Officers

Village HOA Officers

Village Dues Schedule

Village Dues Schedule

Dues are paid once per year, the current assessment is $224. Please use the statement that was mailed to you.