Brentwood Village


Roof Replacement - UPDATE

The Roof Replacement Project for ALL the Buildings in the Brentwood Village HOA is in progress.

Thus far, 1 Building has been completed, while the 2nd Building is almost complete.

The Crew is scheduled to begin work on the 3rd Building on the week of June 12, 2017.

Please watch out for Notice of the Schedule on your Garage Doors.

Kindly keep ALL VEHICLES off the Driveways by 7 A.M.

For additional information, please contact the Community Manager at 813-936-4156 or sola@greenacre.com

Brentwood Village Documents
Brentwood Convenants and Restrictions
Articles of Incorporation
Brentwood Bylaws


Brentwood Village Budget
Brentwood 2017 Budget


Brentwood Meeting Minutes
Brentwood BOD Meeting - April 4, 2017
Brentwood BOD Meeting - March 28, 2017
Brentwood BOD Meeting - February 15, 2017
Brentwood BOD Meeting - January 9, 2017
Brentwood Organizational Meeting - November 1, 2016
Brentwood BOD Meeting - November 1, 2016
Brentwood BOD Meeting - September 27, 2016
Brentwood BOD Meeting - July 12, 2016
Brentwood BOD Meeting - May 3, 2016
Brentwood BOD Meeting - March 7, 2016
Brentwood Budget Meeting - November 2, 2015
Brentwood BOD Meeting - November 2, 2015
Brentwood BOD Meeting - February 23, 2015


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Village Meeting Schedule

Village Meeting Schedule

Village Board of Directors

Village Board of Directors

President: Steve Sharp

Secretary: Alexandria Dejoseph

Treasurer: Joyce Cleary

Village Dues

Village Dues


Please pay promptly to avoid further penalties.

If you do not currently have a payment book or have any further questions please e-mail one of the officers above.


Village Management

Village Management

Greenacre Properties, Inc
Sola Adewunmi, CAM, AMS
4131 Gunn Hwy.
Tampa, Florida 33618
813-600-1100 ext. 156